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Managed AWS Support Services

Amazon Web Services provides comprehensive suite of solutions for all applications we deploy. AWS offers a set of global cloud based services including compute, storage, database, analytics, networking etc. These Services offers organization to increase the business growth, lower costs. Dhiyam AWS Support Services help you to configure AWS based on your current use-cases. Our team of experts assists you in selecting right type of cloud computing for your business needs.


What you get in Amazon Web Service Technical Support from Dhiyam?

AWS Cloud Planning and Architecture

Our Cloud Architectural team will analyze your requirement in detail and prepare a complete plan for your AWS environment. Once the plan is conformed our AWS cloud deployment team will take over for successful deployment.

AWS Cloud Optimization

Whether you are building a new AWS environment or already running an AWS service for your business, we expertize in optimize the needs to reduce costs and better performance. Our team will analyze and monitor the AWS Configuration regularly with suits your business and suggest the better solution.

AWS Migration Service

Dhiyam aws migration team is always available to help who need to move their business to aws cloud. We help customers those who take first step into cloud with our expertize knowledge in AWS and our AWS migration support services without any interruption in migration and deployment process.

AWS Monitoring

We help AWS customers with complete configuration of monitoring AWS monitoring systems like CloudWatch, GuradDuty, Kinesis,route53 etc., which helps their business without any interruption.

AWS Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup is the most important part even if you are running on cloud. Dhiyam AWS backup and recovery team will help you build a robust storage & DR strategy to protect the business continuity of your organization.

AWS Security

We provides complete AWS security services for customers with AWS Identity and access management tools.

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