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Disaster recovery and restore services

Every Organization knows that the data is very important as it’s more valuable for business. So, all organizations are taking the backup of the data in various ways in order to protect their data from any disaster or accident deletion during work. Dhiyam data recovery and restore services helps you to recover and restore the data from any failed drive with cost effective way.

Recover Plan

Our team of experts prepares a recover plan and the plan is to be tested often to verify and make sure it works on any situation, as there are possibilities of disaster anytime even the precautions made. And we test the plan often and change them accordingly based on the situation as we don’t know the how disaster or system failure happens. Our team will be ready for any situation to recover most of the data from the failure drive.

Restore Plan

We know the value of data and the business of every client. As some timeline needed for the recovery, we prepare a plan to restore the data simultaneously without affecting the recovery process with our cutting edge methodology.

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