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Why Web Server ?

If you are planning to move to your business online, you need a linux or windows server installed with webserver like Apache, litehttpd, IIS, Nginx, ApacheTomcat, lightspeed, etc., to run your applications. Dhiyam web server management services help you to configure web server easily and optimize the server based on your business needs.

Our windows webserver management and linux webserver management team will help you optimize the server using corresponding modules which help you run your website by uploading the files to the root document and make your website accessible over the internet.

Configuring Web Server

After choosing the suitable webserver to be configured, our experts will configure the webserver based on the plan and optimize the server. We are experts in configuring the following web severs on widows and linux servers.

Webserver Load Balancing

If your website gets more traffic your webserver must server hundreds of thousands of concurrent request from users which cause to heavy load which affects speed of the website. The solution is to distribute the traffic load efficiently across multiple servers to balance the load.

Load Balancing Algorithms


Round Robin

Requests are distributed across the group of servers but it does not take into count the current load.


Least Connections

A current request is sent to the server with has the lowest number of connections to clients but it does not consider the current load.

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