DNS Server Support Services

Why DNS Management Support Services ?

Domain Name System is used to resolve the domain name to its particular IP address. By simply saying instead of remembering the IP address for all servers we can easily remember the human readable names by pointing it. Those lookups are performed by DNS servers.

If you are a hosting provider and to be trustworthy for your customers, it’s very essential to setup your name servers for your own domain. Our Dhiyam DNS server support team helps you to configure your own DNS server in efficient and cost effective way.

DNS Server Configuration Support

We analysis customers requirement in detail by considering future improvements and prepare a plan to setup DNS server. We can setup the following servers based on the needs.

Primary Servers

Secondary Servers

Caching only servers

Forwarding servers

DNS Clustering Support Services

Our DNS cluster configuration team is expertise in configuring DNS clustering which is good solution for your business to avoid downtime. If the primary/master DNS service is down the domain DNS will automatically fetch the query from other secondary/slave server. So there will be no delivery failure for your domain.

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