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Database Server

Database server is a server which is only used to host the database for the application and it contains relational database, database files, non-relational database etc. In smaller and mid-sized companies uses some server part of the software like mysql, mariadb, mangodb, sql etc. that uses the database. So those applications will connect the database via specific port to log and access the data.

In larger companies, there may be a chance for large number of transactions that server cannot able to hold the load if the application and database server is hosted on same server. In such scenario, the application and database will be hosted on two different dedicated servers. Our database server management team will help you to decide which server to choose for your application and setup accordingly.

Database Administrative Support Services Include

  • Collecting the requirements of database server like physical hardware, memory, CPU, disk space etc.
  • Installation and configuration or upgrade of the database server or corresponding application tools.
  • Creating user profiles and allocating permissions
  • Creating backup and recovery strategy of the database and ensure it by monitoring the backup.
  • Monitoring database server regularly and rectify the issue to prevent downtime.
  • Creating reports by querying from database if needed.
  • Optimizing database server performance based on the load manually or some automated tools.

Remote Database Management Support Services

Dhiyam database technical support services offers you to provide 24/7 database management support for your database servers which help you cut your business cost effectively with expertise technical knowledge of certified engineers. They provide assistance with database setup, maintenance, monitoring, backup, restore, clustering and report services. Each server is taken care individually.

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