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Why Data is Important?

We are investing certain amount of money to develop big and bigger applications. After successful implementation we are storing customer data which is the main key to run our business. Customer data or application data is very important as its using for many purpose like growth analysis, market analysis etc.

Why backup?

In 27/7/365 business market every industry expects uninterrupted access to their data like websites, services anytime. If server crash or any natural disaster the whole data will be lost and single data loss can be a huge setback and in some cases can even lead to a business having to close. And if any sensitive data like employees personal information, business contacts, shipments lists it could be more loss.

How to avoid data loss?

To avoid data loss, the first action we need take is to configure backup. There are lots of backup options available to protect our data. We can choose the backup method based on our requirement. There are many backup tools/applications available for paid and opensource which make easy to configure backup and take backup automatically every day/week/month.

How Dhiyam Backups Support Services helps you?

System Hardening

Name itself says that to make a complete copy of all data in the server to another set of media like snapshot images. This type of backup setup takes the complete set of data every day/month/week during backup operation takes place. So, we all data is available to restore and if we want to restore we need to restore the entire setup with the corresponding date. And its time consuming which take much time for backup entire data and occupies space. So we need more disk to configure full backup. Our dhiyam backup server management team will help you configure complete setup easily for you.

Incremental Backup Configuration Support Services

Incremental backup takes only a copy of data that is changed since the last backup operation done. Dhiyam Backup server support team configures backups with timestamp on files and compares it to timestamp of last backup. Most of the backup tools such as Rdiff backup, Cloudberry, fwbackups, kbackup, BackupNinja, Flyback, Timewalk uses Incremental backup type as it copies smaller amount of data than the full backup and it consume small amount of space and faster to complete backup.

Differential Backup Configuration Support Services

Our backup support service team will help you to configure differential backup setup easily and quickly. In the differential backup setup it will copy the data changed from the previous full backup. It will store more data than the incremental backup and less than full backup. But it requires more time and more space than incremental backup.

We do the right thing for your organization

Our dhiyam backup server configuration support team will help you to configure one daily full backup and daily increment backup with 15 or 30 days redundant policy. This strategic approach will cut the cost but we can retain the full data.

  • Full Backup Daily
  • Full Backup Weekly + Differential Backup daily
  • Full Backup Weekly + Incremental Backup daily

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