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Dhiyam Mail Server Management Support

It is necessary to build mail sever if you are using web or any application with your own domain. And it has some complexity when you try to configure your own server if you are not a tech. Dhiyam Mail Server support team will help you to configure the mail server based on your requirement.

How mail Servers are configured in Dhiyam?

Normal mail server consists of some software components which provides specific function and each need to be configured carefully inorder to have fully functional mail server. The list of components such as

Mail Transfer Agent

Mail Delivery Agent

IMAP/POP3 Server

Spam Filter


Our Mail Server Configuration Support Includes

Our mail server support team will configure MTA to send mail to external users and to receive mail from external MTA like postfix, sendmail, exim.

Mail Delivery Agent which is used to retrieve mail from MTA and place the mail in corresponding user mail box.

Our team are expertise in configuring ssl for mail server which helps you to send and receive mail in secure way. We are expertise in setting up courier, dovecot and Zimbra etc.

Our mail server management team can implement spam filter like spam Assassin on your mail server for incoming and outgoing mails, which will help to reduce the spam can be sent using your mail server.

Our team will help you setting up Antivirus like ClamAV which helps to deduct torjans, virus, malwares in incoming and outgoing mail.

In order to give your user to access mail you need to setup the webmail for your email service. We are expertise in setting up the webmail application securely and optimize based on your needs.

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